Seeing your dog in a life-threatening situation can be a frightening and stressful experience, especially if the dog is unresponsive. Equipping yourself with the knowledge to effectively recognize and take action treating your dog’s condition can keep you calm and greatly increase your dog’s chance of survival. Two life-saving procedures you need to know are artificial respiration and CPR for dogs. CPR can be dangerous to an animal if not preformed correctly. Below will be a few educational videos but we highly recommend pet owners take classes to properly educate themselves on what to do if their pet falls unresponsive.

Many pet-focused companies offer classes to learn pet first aid, including dog CPR. Pet Tech offers an 8-hour program taught by a certified instructor in your area, that teaches a variety of first aid skills and offers a certificate once the program is completed. The Red Cross also offers courses, some of which are online.

Talk to your veterinarian. At your next appointment, ask to go over the pulse points on your dog and discuss emergency best practices for your specific breed, size and weight.

Preparation can be the difference between saving your dog’s life and running out of time.

Disclaimer, Kate’s Rescue advice is not to be used in place of a vet. Kate’s Rescue will not be held accountable for failed attempts to save an animal using these methods. Information is strictly for educational purposes. Use at your own discretion.


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