Kate’s Rescue is 100% foster-based, this means that our animals are not in a public kennel for daily viewing. Instead, we show our dogs at weekly events, and network them on hundreds of animal sites online. These sites are nationwide and we do adopt out of state, they include but are not limited to adoptapet, petfinder, facebook, and many many others.

Every animal has an online profile that is transferred to all these sites where they can get over 6k views on just one site in one week! That is a lot of viewing. Being the foster chances are YOU will be getting to know your foster dog personally and providing us the details we need to make their “dating profile” lol. No detail is too small, and there is no such thing as too many pictures. Fosters need to provide us with general details, such as house broken, crate/leash trained, good in a car, playful, ok with kids/cats/dogs ect. We also love to hear about the quirky details, does your foster have a shoe fetish? Does it snore or snort? Perhaps they have behaviors that just make you laugh? Well these things help us build a profile for possible adopters to read.

The more detailed a profile and bio the better chances the foster has to be adopted. Adopters see a small clip of the profile when looking at dogs; to get them to make that click to reading more it must be really eye catching over the thousands of those dogs out there. Pictures and unique bios are the best way to get your foster noticed. We love to have our fosters write the bios for their foster dogs, after all you know them best. They spend time in your home with your family, we can only guess based off of what we see at events. So feel free to be creative, write the bio playfully, maybe in the “voice” of your foster. Have fun with it!


Am I required to provide information on my fosters? Yes, fosters MUST provide at least basic details on their fosters.

Am I responsible for providing pictures? Yes, being in the foster’s home means the foster has access to the animal. We ask all fosters help us help the animals by providing accurate and updated pictures.

What if I do not have a camera? Kate’s Rescue has a photographer on staff that can aid in taking high quality pictures of foster animals. We can also arrange for pictures to be taken at events. Please notify your Lead if you cannot get pictures yourself.

Do I have to write a personalized bio? No, but it does increase adoption chances if bios are fun and personalized for each dog. Otherwise dogs get “generic” bios that do not gather much attention.


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