While Kate’s Rescue networks our animals on the rescues sites we also encourage our fosters to network outside of us. We have so many dogs we cannot give them all one on one networking time. Ways you can do this are: At work, at pet stores, while walking your foster, hang up flyers or posters, post on facebook rehoming sites, craigslist, social gatherings ect. As long as you pass on to adopters there is a fee, dogs are vetted, and send them to the rescue for the application process gathering attention is highly encouraged.

Some fosters like to make their own “adopt me” items from dollar store or craft store items, scarfs or head bands, an old shirt they can wear on walks.

You can make posters for you fosters on any of the free sites listed below, these spunk up social media and gather attention faster!:

As well as posters these sites can also offer options for specialized Facebook timeline photos, which helps network your foster.

Remember check out applications on your phone, play around and have fun with it!


Pets looking for a fur-ever home