Dog Toys You Can Make From Things Around the House

  • ​​A t-shirt-wrapped water bottle. It’s the perfect toy for a pup that likes crinkley sounds.​
    ​tennis ball and t-shirt toss toy. Toss it, tug it, whatever your pup wants!
  • ​A tennis ball treat puzzle. Best part? The felt on the tennis ball keeps the rubber from tearing.
  • ​A cereal box with treats inside taped shut. (Destruction intended.) Tape up some treats inside an empty box and watch your pup tear it to shreds.
  • A toss-able toy made from braided old t-shirts. Super easy way to recycle old t-shirts.
  • A knotted towel. Forget about using old towels for rags, make a pup toy!
  • ​An indestructible chew toy made from rope and dried sweet potatoes. Just genius.
  • Hand-tied rope toys for super chompin’ chewers. Pup parents with super-chompin’ pups– rejoice!
  • ​A treat puzzle made from PVC pipe. Entertain your pup for hours.
  • A simple slingshot made out of a hanger.
  • A water bottle inside a sock.
  • ​A simple treat puzzle with a butter dish.
  • A frozen knot of sock. MMMMmmm, feet.
  • ​A toss-able toy made of an old shirt.

​More DIY dog toy ideas.


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