How To Help

There Are Many Ways To Make A Difference

We are only as strong as the community that supports us.

As a non-profit, Kate’s relies on those who believe in our cause. If you would also like to help homeless pets in our area, we could use your support. We’ve come up with a wide array of ways you can help out.

Physical Donations

There are a lot of supplies our fostered pets could greatly use. Items to consider donating include:

  • Sheets/ Blankets
  • Pillows /Dog beds
  • Dog Toys
  • Leashes/Collars
  • Trash bags/Tarps/Blue Dawn Dish Soap
  • Dog Food Wet or Dry
  • Dog Treats
  • Carriers/Kennels

To arrange a dropoff, please email or send a message on Facebook.

Monetary Donations

For those that prefer to donate cash, click the button below to give online or send a check to the address below.

Kate’s Furreka Rescue
1101 North Commons Rd
Turlock, CA 95380

Amazon Wishlist

Amazon Wishlist

To make physical donations super easy, we have created an Amazon Wishlist with some of our most needed items. How about picking something up for Kate’s the next time you shop at Amazon?

Bark Box


Subscribe to BarkBox using the code “KATESRESCUE” and Kate’s Rescue gets a donation.


Purchase using the code “FORTHELOVEOFDOGS@KATESRESCUE” and Kate’s Rescue gets a donation.

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Other Ways To Help

There are many ways to support Kate’s Rescue that don’t involve money. If nothing else, telling everyone in your life about the work Kate’s is doing really helps out.



Help us get the word out. Facebook is how we share news, events, and pets seeking homes. The more you LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE our posts, the more people will see them.



Instagram is another social network Kate’s is active on. If you are an active Instagrammer, please LIKE and COMMENT on our posts.

Recommend Us

You have friends and family who may be looking for a pet. Those people have friends and family who may want a pet, too. They all need to know about Kate’s, so please spread the word.

Spay and Neuter

Let’s fix the homeless pet problem at the source. The fewer unwanted litters born, the fewer dogs who will need rescuing. Please be a responsible pet owner and spay or neuter your pets.


Have a bit of extra room in your home and your heart for a temporary visitor? Fostering may be for you. It is an amazing way to show a pet some love until their “forever family” finds them.

Find Your Next Family Member

There are a lot of special furballs looking for their forever home.