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How do I prepare my home?2020-09-07T20:52:53-07:00

If you are fostering kittens or puppies, or even untrained adults remember that they will play or chew anything they can find, including drapes, electrical cords, and lampshades, shoes, flower beds etc. So be sure to animal-proof your home.

Do I have to provide pictures?2020-05-19T22:16:17-07:00

Yes. As part of the agreement to foster you are agreeing to provide the rescue with any and all information that we require including pictures and behavior information.

Can I self medicate my foster?2020-05-19T22:15:50-07:00

No. Anything from worming, vaccinations, and upset tummy treatments MUST be approved by the rescue. Contact your assigned foster lead to make sure the item you wish to give your foster is approved by the rescue vet for that particular dog.

My foster is sick/injured can I take them to my vet?2020-05-19T22:14:52-07:00

No. If your foster needs medical requirement you must get approval from the rescue. Please contact your appointed foster lead if you think your foster needs to see a vet. We have specific vets we take our animals to. Any vet visits that are not approved by the rescue will not receive reimbursement.

Do I get reimbursed?2020-05-19T22:14:19-07:00

Yes, again to a point. We are a non-profit with donation based supplies. Fosters must get approval for items before buying and provide a receipt in order for reimbursement. If you need an item for your foster please speak with your Foster Lead to see if we have those supplies already available in rescue.

Can I choose where my foster goes?2020-05-19T22:13:34-07:00

To a point. The rescue reserves the right to make final decisions on home placement for any and all wards. Fosters may play a role in helping choose that placement but cannot choose without the rescue’s approval.

Do I get a reduced adoption fee?2020-05-19T22:12:46-07:00

Yes, our fosters that choose to keep their fosters as part of their family get 50 dollars off the adoption fee. The remaining fee must still be paid however.

Can I keep my foster?2020-05-19T22:12:08-07:00

Yes, fosters are allowed to adopt their foster dogs and become “foster fails”. However all fosters wishing to fail must still complete the rescue’s adoption process. Fostering does not promise your acceptance to adopt, all final decisions regarding animal placement is reserved for the Rescue Director and Appointed Staff only.


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