This is a shortened list. For complete information, please read the Foster Contract.

  • Foster parents may not notify other breed specific rescues or transfer groups without Kate’s Rescue management approval.
  • Kate’s Rescue management team may identify additional animals that qualify for fostering at their discretion.
  • Anyone registered as a foster parent interested in providing foster care for one or several animals shall receive, sign, and agree to a Foster Agreement for each animal or group of related animals to be fostered.
  • No animals can be requested, fostered or released from Kate’s Rescue’s custody prior to signing the Foster Agreement.
  • Kate’s Rescue staff reserves the right to decide which animals will be fostered.
  • Foster parents must keep their foster charges in their possession. No babysitters or rehoming independently, all placement of the animal must be approved. For dog walkers/ family friends to take animals out of the home the rescue must have an approved application from them as well.
  • Foster parents agree not to seek outside training and expect to be paid back, the rescue has a trainer on staff.
  • Foster parents agree to listen to the tips and suggestions of the rescue appointed trainer for the rescues wards.
  • Foster parents may not re-home, nor leave their foster charges for a “trial” visit with potential adopters without prior approval of Kate’s Rescue.
  • All infants fostered cannot be adopted until they reach applicable age and/or weight as defined for infant.
  • All fosters agree to provide the rescue staff with details we request. I.E. Pictures, bios, information on the pets behavior. This is mandatory, picture updates for puppies expected every 2 weeks, adults once a month. Pictures are expected to be of good quality. A photo shoot can be arranged if required.
  • All foster parents must agree to follow quarantine procedures. This means new intakes must be kept separate from existing animals for the week medical hold, no stray/strange dogs can be taken in and placed with Kate’s Rescue animals, and animals must not be allowed to walk on ground deemed unfit for dogs without full vaccinations. If quarantine is broke and an animal falls ill the foster will be held responsible for medical costs.
  • The foster parent assumes full responsibility for the animals’ safety, medical care and welfare once the animals have been placed. Meaning the foster agrees to maintain general health, give medicine, monitor weight and body functions and ensure the wellness of the animal in their home.
  • Fosters agree not to buy food, toys, supplies, or take the animal to an unapproved vet without approval from the rescue staff.
  • Foster parents must keep their own pets up to date on vaccines (including rabies) and parasite free. Foster parent applicants and current foster parents will be denied fostering until their animals are up to date on vaccines and altered, providing proof of each.
  • Kate’s Rescue management team reserves the right to deny any foster parent from being included in the current registrar for cause. In addition, any current registration can be canceled at any time without notice for cause and foster can be ceased.
  • Kate’s Rescue reserves the right to exercise home or premises visits (fostered animals location) at any time during the foster or before.
  • Adoption fees are not negotiable and the foster is not allowed to alter or promise a lower/higher fee for their foster animal.
  • Adoption applications can only be approved by senior staff, unless told otherwise fosters cannot conduct their own adoptions/home checks.


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