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The word rescue means “to save from a dangerous or distressing situation.” The very definition of the word evokes mature imagery. Enter 11-year-old Izzy Correia-Torres, proving that rescue isn’t just for adults.

Izzy has been rescuing dogs since she was four years old. She helped her mom bottle feed fur babies and has been hooked from then on. Izzy is now the proud human of four rescue fur babies: Banyan, Wiggles, Rex, and Walton are thriving under her loving care.

Walton is a Kate’s Rescue alumni. These days Walton can be found lounging on the couch or sleeping in Izzy’s bed. Izzy assures me that, “He’s living his best life ever.”

As for Izzy herself, when she’s not trying to convince her mother to adopt another dog you can find her busily fundraising to provide monetary support for her favorite rescues. She has generously donated much needed funds to Kate’s Rescue in order to help us take on new puppies.

We at Kate’s Rescue love the Izzy’s of the world. Rescue would not be possible without our team of supporters. It gives us great hope for the future knowing the generation behind us is holding the torch high to shine the light on all of the dogs in need.

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