He was found by a friendly couple who reached out to us for help. We had them drop him off at Monte Vista Small Animal Hospital for treatment. Sadly, he had to have his leg amputated due to a very bad infection.

When his foster mom first saw him, as she picked him up from the vet, her mouth dropped to the floor. He was super skinny and looked so very mistreated, weighing only 55lbs. Taos had a few difficult times from pain, but his foster mom made him comfortable and slowly started feeding him small meals. Now, two weeks later, he is just over 60lbs and starting to look healthy with no more backbone or ribs showing.

Taos is the biggest sweetheart ever! All he wants is to be next to his person, to both give and get lots of love. Recently, he and another foster dog were playing outside, and he was running and jumping just as happy as could be. Of course, his foster mom had to stop him because he is still recovering but it’s heartwarming to see that having three legs doesn’t stop this boy.

The way Taos is recovering it won’t be long before he’s looking for a loving family of his own.

If you can help Taos with a donation towards covering his medical expenses and care, please click on the link below.

We thank you and Taos thanks you!


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About the Author: Lisa Rowe

Lisa Rowe
Lisa is the Editor of The Paw Print and has been with Kate’s Rescue for several years. She’s fostered a number of dogs and has three of her own, including one foster she just couldn’t give up. Lisa hopes The Paw Print can be a voice for Kate’s Rescue helping both animals and their humans.

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