** Update: Wanda has found her fur-ever home. **

Pawsitively Intelligent

When you first meet Wanda, you will be drawn in by her beautiful chocolate-brown eyes. You can almost feel her studying you and assessing the situation. She also carefully watches her foster fur brothers to gauge their reaction, and if you’re deemed okay by them, you’re generally deemed okay by her. 

But her eyes aren’t the only thing that draws you in…she actually smiles. When she’s happy, you know it! She does the funniest little hop and spin dance, all with this huge smile. Wanda also has a curly tail that goes a mile a minute when she’s happy and playing.

While Wanda is young, her past is unknown, and it takes time to earn her trust. She is uncomfortable with a big crowd and would rather be right next to her foster brother or close by a human she trusts. 

Wanda is extremely intelligent. She’s believed to be a German Shepherd/Akita mix and she’s got the smarts from both breeds. She studies her surroundings and learns quickly.

She sleeps all night in her crate with no accidents but isn’t a big fan of being left alone in the crate. She’s almost completely house trained and only has an accident when the humans aren’t paying attention to her cues. 

Wanda absolutely loves toys and treats so training will be easy with these positive reinforcements. She wants to please but doesn’t always have the knowledge or understanding of what is expected of her. 

The ideal home will have a dog that can keep up with her youthful energy. Wanda bonds quickly with other dogs. If she’s able to bond with the current dog of the house it will make the process of her warming up to the humans much quicker. She loves kids of all ages and likes to nibble on you to let you know she loves you, so really young kids will need to be supervised. 

Wanda has the makings of a GREAT dog. With training and patience, she will be an amazing addition to any home. Her adoption includes spay, microchip, and being up to date on shots. To meet Wanda, please fill out an application with Kate’s Rescue.

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