As many of you may know, Kate’s Rescue has suffered a great loss to the Rescue world by losing our Founder, Julia Sounders.  She was a mother, friend, mentor, dog mom, and backbone not only to the dogs but to her fosters and everyone she met.  This past week has been difficult for all of us, but our mission and love for Julia continues to stay strong….

Julia passed away suddenly taking many hearts with her. She was the founder and president of Kate’s Rescue and worked tirelessly to save both animals and people. She had a heart of gold. 

Julia founded Kate’s Rescue after adopting her dog Kate from the local animal shelter just hours before she was scheduled to be euthanized. As Julia explained,

“Every day I look at Kate and think how close she came, so very close. She is a wonderful girl, sweet and eager to please. I think of all the animals who, through no fault of their own, lose their lives every day because people don’t spay and neuter their pets. These wonderful beings end up in facilities that are understaffed, overcrowded, and don’t have the means to help every animal find a forever home. 10,000; that is, in fact, the number of animals that get euthanized every day in the United States alone. That is unacceptable.”

It was because of Kate that Julia was inspired to bring together a passionate group of animal lovers and form Kate’s Rescue for Animals, dedicated to the welfare of animals in the community and the education of the people who care for them. When Julia saw a problem, she was inspired to be part of the solution.

We ask that you please bear with us through this difficult and trying time within the rescue. Please be patient for responses and don’t hesitate to nicely reach out again. We are all dealing with heartbreak and many changes. 

We miss you Julia, and we’ll do our best to follow in your footsteps and continue your mission.

As Julia stated, “Thank you all for your help and concern in this worthy venture.”