“Timing is everything. When you’re really ready for it, it will come.” This is a perfect quote for the story of Annu. Imagine knowing your other half was out there, that you were destined to live your best life, but you were stuck states away from your forever home.

Most of Kate’s Rescue pups stay right here in California living out their days enjoying all our state has to offer. That wasn’t the case for the gorgeous Bully boy known as Annu. His person had waited for the perfect fit to come along, and when she saw his face, she knew her wait was over. According to his Momma, “He was the perfect companion at the perfect time.”

Kate’s Rescue knew they had to get this boy where he belonged. Our rescue is known for connections and resources, and in the case of Annu, they were all utilized. Annu hitched a ride with a couple heading to Wyoming to get married. In this wonderful way he was brought to his new hometown in Casper, Wyoming. After all, when it’s a match made in heaven, no distance is too great to bring a family member home.

These days Annu can be found with a smile on his face as he greets everyone he meets as family. Annu’s human sees him as an ambassador for his breed. He shows everyone just how special bully breeds can be. Without the efforts of Kate’s Rescue, his story could have turned out much differently.

So, if you feel in your heart that your Annu is out there waiting for you, let this story be a beacon of hope. And remember, distance means so little when someone means so much.

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About the Author: Michelle Jenks

Michelle Jenks
Michelle Jenks is a freelance writer and photographer. Her passion for dog rescue paired with her writing and photography skills will inform, entertain, and inspire the reader.

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  1. Julia Souders April 10, 2021 at 9:22 am

    Annu pictures are amazing as well as the doggy!!!

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